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"Technologies and challenges in developing Machine-to-Machine applications: A survey" Anum Ali, Ghalib Shah, Omer Farooq, Usman Ghani, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 83, 2017

"Generating natural language tags for video information management" MUG Khan, Y. Gotoh, Machine Vision and Applications, 82, 2017

"Fabrication of stable organometallic halide perovskite NWs based optoelectronic devices" A Waleed, Z Fan, Science Bulletin, DOI:, 2017

"Highly interdigitated and porous architected ternary composite of SnS2, g-C3N4, and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) as high performance lithium ion battery anodes" Md. Selim Arif Sher Shah, A. Reum Park, Ali Rauf, Sung Hwan Hong, Youngjin Choi, Juhyun Park, Jaeyun Kim, Woo-Jae Kim and Pil J. Yoo, RSC Advances, 7, 3125-3135, 2017

"BIO-SORPTION OF NICKEL ON MODIFIED PHOENIX DACTYLIFERA L. SEEDS" Zohaib Atiq Khan, Aneela Anwar, Khurram Shahzad, Sadiq Hussain, Muhammad Tariq, Journal of Faculty of Engineering and Technology Pakistan, Vol 22 No.2, 2016

"The Economic Analysis of Portable Photo Voltaic Reverse Osmosis (PVRO) System." H. Bilal, Abdul H. Alami, M. Farooq, A. Qamar, F. A. Siddiqui, Technical Journal, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Taxila, Pakistan, Vol. 21 Issue 2 (2016), 2016

"Surface topographical and structural analysis of Ag+-implanted polymethylmethacrylate." Shafaq Arif, M. Shahid Rafique, Farhat Saleemi, Fabian Naab, Ovidiu Toader, Riffat Sagheer, Shazia Bashir, Rehana Zia, Khurram Siraj, Saman Iqbal., Netherland, 381, 114-121 (2016), 2016

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