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"Characterization of thermal performance, flux transmission performance and optical properties of MAX phase materials under concentrated solar irradiation" Sarwar, J., T. Shrouf, A. Srinivasa, H. Gao, M. Radovic, K. Kakosimos, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol. 182, 2018

"Thermal aspects of concentrated photovoltaics: Challenges and Opportunities" Hasan, A., J. Sarwar, and A. H. Shah, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol. 94, 2018

"Concentrated photovoltaic system with a phase change material: A system to harness solar energy more efficiently as compared to a conventional photovoltaic system for Qatar climatic conditions" Sarwar, J., A. E. Abbas, and K. E. Kakosimos, ARC'18, Vol. 1, 2018

"Influence of Wiper and Conventional Inserts at Profile Geometry During Turning of D2 Tool Steel" Muhammad Aftab Ahmad, Aamer Nazir, Muhammad Mahmood Aslam Bhutta, Ahmad Abdullah and Jawad Ahmad, Engineering Technology Open Asses Journal (ETOAJ),Juniper Publishers, 31-05-2018 Volume 1 Issue 5 1(5): 555574 , 2018

"Nanostructured Carbon Electrodes for Increased Power Density in Flow Thermo-electrochemical Generator Heat Sinks" A.H. Kazim and B.A. Cola, United States of America, 16, 2018

"Performance of Topological Quantum Error Correction in the Presence of Correlated Noise" Muhammad Ahsan, Syed Abbas Zilqurnain Naqvi, QIC, 18, 9/10, 2018

"Vildagliptin loaded triangular DNA nanospheres coated with eudragit for oral delivery and better glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus" Baig MMFA, Khan S, Naeem MA, Khan GJ, Ansari MT, US, 2018, 2018

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