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"Synopsis: A Dark Side for Qubits" M. I. Shaukat, E. V. Castro, and H. Terças, Physical Review A, 95/2017, 2017

"Nonlinear drift solitary structures in degenerate electron-positron-ion plasma with Landau quantization" Muzzamal Iqbal Shaukat, Physics of Plasmas, 24/2017, 2017

"Obliquely propagating ion acoustic solitary structures in the presence of quantized magnetic field" Muzzamal Iqbal Shaukat, Physics of Plasmas, 24/2017, 2017

"Cosmopolitan living in a religiously and socially segmented society: Designing and Planning a ‘Model Town’ in Lahore, the Capital of British Punjab in the 1920s." Dr. Shama Anbrine, Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal, Austria, Int. Conference on Working Class Districts, Vienna, 14-15 September 2017 , 2017

"HRM practices and faculty's knowledge sharing behavior: Mediation of affective commitment and affect-based trust" Naeem, A., Mirza, N. H., Ayub, R. M., & Lodhi, R. N., Studies in Higher Education Taylor & Francis, 42(12), THOMSON REUTERS (ISI) Impact Factor 1.22, HEC Recognized W Category, 2017, 2017

"Knowledge Quality and Organizational Performance: Evidence from ERP-Based Organizations in Pakistan" Lodhi, R.N., Ali, A., & Bukhari, S., Mobin, S. , Journal of Quality and Technology Management, 13(1) Accepted. HEC Recognized X Category Journal, 2017, 2017

"How Facebook Addiction Affects the Personal Life of Addict Students and their Family: A Case Study of Pakistan" Ali, A., Lodhi, R.N., Paradigms: A Research Journal of Commerce, Economics, and Social Sciences, 12 (1), HEC Recognized Z Category Journal, 2017, 2017

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