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"An Algorithm of Association Rule Mining for Microbial Energy Prospection" Muhammad Shaheen, Muhammad Shahbaz, Scientific Reports - Nature (Impact Factor: 5.525), April 2017, 2017

"An Investigation of Changes Occurring in the Historical Structure of Old City of Gujrat: A Study of Residential Area in Gujrat Fort" Samrana Waqar, M.Arch Dissertation, 2017, 2017

"Analytical Study of Jharokas in Lahore" Zain Zulfiqar, M.Arch Dissertation, 2017, 2017

"Benchmarking of a micro gas turbine model integrated with post-combustion CO2 capture." Ali, U., Font-Palma, C., Nikpey Somehsaraei, H., Mansouri Majoumerd, M., Akram, M., Finney, K. N., . . . Pourkashanian, Energy, Vol. 126, p. 475-487, 2017

"A Non-Catalytic Vapor Growth Regime for Organohalide Peroskvite Nanowire Using Anodic Aluminum Oxide Templates" MM Tavakoli, A Waleed,L Gu, D Zhang, R Tavakoli, B Lei, W Su, F Fang, Z Fan, Nanoscale, 9 (18), pp 5828-5834, 2017, 2017

"Hydroelastic Analysis of Marine Components Using MATLAB and FEA Techniques" Akbar S., Qamar A. et. al., Pakistan, 10/2017, 2017

"Technologies and challenges in developing Machine-to-Machine applications: A survey" Anum Ali, Ghalib Shah, Omer Farooq, Usman Ghani, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 83, 2017

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