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"Microstructural study of as sprayed and heat treated Ni3Al coatings deposited by air plasma spraying technique" K. Mehmood, M.A. Rafiq, A. Nusair Khan, M.M. Rauf, Materials Science and Engineering, IOP Conf. Series, 146/2016, 2016

"Structural, dielectric, and impedance study of ZnO-doped barium zirconium titanate (BZT) ceramics" Qaisar Khushi Muhammad, Moaz Waqar, Muhammad Asif Rafiq , Muhammad Nadeem Rafiq, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Sabieh Anwar, J Mater Sci, 51/2016, 2016

"Applications of Association Rule Mining in Health Informatics: A Survey" Wasif Altaf, Muhammad Shahbaz, Aziz Guergachi, Artificial Intelligence Reviews, Springer (Impact Factor: 2.111), May / 2016 , 2016

"3D Arrays of Lead Halide Perovskite Nanowire Based Image Sensors with 1K Pixels" L Gu, MM Tavakoli, D Zhang, Q Zhang, A Waleed, Y Xiao, KH Tsui, Y Lin, L Liao, J Wang, Z Fan, , Advanced Materials, 28 (44), 9713–9721, 2016, 2016

"Factors Affecting the Behavior of Government Auditors for the Surveillance of Public Sector of Pakistan" Masood, A., & Lodhi, R. N., Pakistan Business Review. 18 (1), 99-119, HEC Recognized X Category Journal, 2016, 2016

"Need of improvement in healthcare via demand side financing in Pakistan" Idrees, Q., Lodhi, R. N., Farooq, K., & Nisar, S. , Medical Forum Monthly, 27(1), 5-9, HEC Recognized Y Category Journal, 2016, 2016

"A Qualitative investigation about extensive issue of Dengue: An awareness and prevention of dengue in Pakistan" Lodhi, R. N., Safdar, S., Habiba, U., Mehmood, Z., Fiaz, M., & Mizna., Rawal Medical Journal, 41(1), 141-152. HEC X Category Journal , 2016, 2016

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