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"CO2 storage in depleted gas reservoirs: A study on the effect of residual gas saturation" Raza, A. et al., Petroleum, KeAi, 2017, 2017

"Reservoir Characterization for CO2 Injectivity and Flooding in Petroleum Reservoirs, offshore Malaysia" Arshad Raza, Espace - Curtin’s institutional repository (PhD Thesis) , 2017 , 2017

"Catalytic ozonation of chlorinated VOCs on ZSM-5 zeolites and alumina: formation of chlorides" Amir Ikhlaq, Barbara Kasperzyk-Hordern, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 200/2017, 2017

"Techno-Economic Performance Assessment of Central-Grid Wind Turbines at Major Geographical Locations of Pakistan" Aamir Mehmood, Z. Said, A. Waqas, W. Arshad, [J] Journal of Energy Systems, Vol. 1(1), pp.43-55,/ 2017., 2017

"Conduction mechanism and magnetic behavior of Cu doped barium hexaferrite ceramics" Muhammad Asif Rafiq, Moaz Waqar, Qaisar Khushi Muhammad, Masam Waleed, Murtaza Saleem, Muhammad Sabieh Anwar, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 12/2017, 2017

"High fouling resistance polyamide desalination membrane modified with PEI/PAH polyelectrolyte multilayers" Saqib Javed, Isam H. Aljundi, Mazen Khaled, Journal of environmental chemical engineering, 5, 2017, 2017

"PEG-CNTs nanocompsite PSU membranes for wastewater treatment by membrane bioreactor" Arsalan Khaled, Ahmed Abdel Karim, Muataz Ali Atieh, Saqib Javed, Gordon McKay, Separation and Purification Technology, 2017, 2017

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