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"UV/H2O2/iron loaded rice husk ash based advanced oxidation process for the removal of safranin in wastewater" Desalination and Water Treatment" Amir ikhlaq, Mosin Kazmi, Farhan Javed, Hira Fatima, Desalination and Water Treatment (IF = 1.631), 2018, 2018

"Optimization of sequencing batch reactor for wastewater treatment using chemically enhanced primary treatment as a pre-treatment" Haroon R Mian, Sajjad Haydar, Ghulam Hussain and Gul-e-Hina , Water SA (impact factor = 1.052), Vo. 44, No. 3 (2018), 2018

"CLEU - A Cross-Language English-Urdu Corpus and Benchmark for Text Reuse Experiments" Muneer, I., Sharjeel, M., Iqbal, M., Nawab, R. M. A., & Rayson, P. (2018)., USA, NOV,2018, 2018

"Water supply and sewerage" Sajjad Haydar and Javed Anwar Aziz, Text Book; 1st Edition, In print, 2018

"Measuring Short Text Reuse For The Urdu Language." Sameen, S., Muhammad, S., Nawab, R. M. A., Rayson, P. E., & Muneer, I. (2018)., Australia, IEEE Access, 6, 7412-7421. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2017.2776842, 2018

"Modelling and Simulation of AGVs Using Petri Nets" Zuhal Erden, Tauseef Aized. , Robotics and Automation Engineering Journal by Juniper Publishers, Volume 3 Issue 5 – pp. 01-03, , 2018

"Long-term stress relaxation behavior of Polyaniline-EPDM blends using the time-temperature-strain superposition method" MS Irfan, YQ Gill, M Hashmi, Sanaullah, F Saeed, AA Qaiser, Materials Research Express, United Kingdom, Vol. (6), No. (2)/2018, 2018

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