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"A Unified Framework for Automated Inspection of Handheld Safety Critical Devices in Production Assemblies" Asim Rehmat, Muhammad Shahbaz, Elsevier: Future Generation Computer Systems (Impact Factor: 4.639), Volume 88, November 2018, Pages 342-356, 2018

"Suitability of depleted gas reservoirs for geological CO2 storage: A simulation study" Raza, A. et al., Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology - Wiley Online Library, 2018, 2018

"An approach to assess the application of miscible CO2 flooding in oil reservoirs: A case study from Pakistan " Raza, A. et al., Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology - Springer, 2018, 2018

"Highly efficient catalytic degradation of low-density polyethylene Using a novel tungstophosphoric acid/kaolin clay composite catalyst" Saira Attique, Madeeha Batool, Muhammad Irfan Jalees, Khurram Shehzad, Muhammad Umar Farooq, Zakir Khan, Fawad Ashraf, Asma Tufail Shah, Turkish Journal of Chemistry, Turkey, 42/2018, 2018

"Study of NOx Modelling of HCNG engine by applying Gaussian Function" Anas Rao, Roopesh Kumar Mehra, Hao Duan, Ma Fanhua, IJSER/ India, 9(3)/2018, 2018

"Experimental and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) study of hydrogen enriched compressed natural gas (HCNG) engine under various ignition timing and excess air ratio" Roopesh Kumar Mehra, Hao Duan, Sijie Luo, Anas Rao, Ma Fanhua, Applied Energy/ International, 228/2018, 2018

"Parameter-based performance evaluation and optimization of a capacitive deionization desalination process" M.W. Saleem, and W.-S. Kim., NETHERLANDS, 437/2018, 2018

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