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"Construction of tunnel portal in weak rock mass" Emad, M., Dubai UAE, World Tunneling Congress 2018, held in Dubai UAE between April 22nd to 26th 2018., 2018

"Performance based Prescheduling for MapReduce Heterogeneous Environment with minimal Speculation" • Muhammad Adnan Ayub, Bilal Ahmad, Dr. Zahoor-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Idrees, Zaheer Ahmad., MAGNT Research Report (Impact Factor 0.79), 5-2018, 2018

"CO2 storage in depleted gas reservoirs: A study on the effect of residual gas saturation" Raza, A. et al., Petroleum KeAi, China, 2018, 2018

"Predictions of UAE’s Renewable Energy Mix in 2030" Z. Said, A.A. Alshehhi, Aamir Mehmood, [J] Renewable Energy, Vol.118, pp.779-789,/ 2018, 2018

"Dynamic model validation using blast vibration monitoring in mine backfill" Emad, Muhammad Zaka, Mitri, Hani, & Kelly, Cecile, UK, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 107, 48-54. doi:, 2018

"The relevance of reactions of the methyl peroxy radical (CH_3O_2) and methylhypochlorite (CH_3OCl) for Antarctic chlorine activation and ozone loss (Impact Factor = 2.013)" A. Mannan Zafar, Rolf Mueller, Jens-Uwe Grooss, Sabine Robrecht, Barbel Vogel and Ralph Lehmann, Tellus Series B Chemical and Physical Meteorology, Volume = 70, 2018 , 2018

"Impact of Shear Zone on Rockburst in the Deep Neelum-Jehlum Hydropower Tunnel" Naji, A.M.; H. Rehman,.; M.Z. Emad.; H. Yoo, International, A Numerical Modeling Approach. Energies 2018, 11, 1935., 2018

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