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"Multiphonon Raman scattering and photoluminescence studies of CdS nanocrystals grown by thermal evaporation" S Farid, MA Stroscio, M Dutta, Superlattices and Microstructures, 115 , 2018, 2018

"Nanotextured Spikes of α-Fe2O3/NiFe2O4 Composite for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of Water" S Hussain, MM Tavakoli, A Waleed, US Virk, S Yang, A Waseem, Z Fan, MA Nadeem, Langmuir, 34 (12), pp 3555–3564, 2018, 2018

"Development and performance evaluation of disk type piezoelectric transducer for measurement of shear and compression wave velocities in soil" Muhammad Irfan and Taro Uchimura, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Taylor & Francis, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 147-171, DOI: 10.1080/13632469.2016.1217800, 2018

"Synthesis and properties of nickel-doped nanocrystalline barium hexaferrite ceramic materials" Moaz Waqar, Muhammad Asif Rafiq, Talha Ahmed Mirza, Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad Sabieh Anwar, Murtaza Saleem, Applied Physics A, 124 , 2018

"Mediator- and co-catalyst-free direct Z-scheme composites of Bi2WO6–Cu3P for solar-water splitting" Ali Rauf, Ming Ma, Sungsoon Kim, Md. Selim Arif Sher Shah, Chan-Hwa Chung, Jong Hyeok Park, Pil J. Yoo, RSC Nanoscale, 10 (6), 2018

"Experimentally tested performance and emissions advantages of using natural-gas and hydrogen fuel mixture with diesel and rapeseed methyl ester as pilot fuels" S.Imran, T.Korakianitis, R.Shaukat, M.Farooq, S.Condoor, S.Jayaramb, Applied Energy , Vol. 229C (2018) p. 1260-1268, 2018

"The utilization of feed and byproducts of mineral carbonation processes as a pozzolanic cement replacements" Emad Benhelal, Muhammad Imran Rashid, Camille Holt, Mark Rayson, Geoff Brent, James M.Hook, Michael Stockenhuber, Eric M.Kennedy, Journal of cleaner production, 2018, 2018

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