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"Spray Pyrolysis Deposition of ZnFe2O4/Fe2O3 Composite thin films on Hierarchical 3-D Nanospikes for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of Water" S Hussain, S Hussain, A Waleed, MM Tavakoli, S Yang, MK Rauf, Z Fan, MA Nadeem, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 (34), pp 18360–18368, 2017, 2017

"Mechanics of Electric Rope Shovel Performance and Reliability in Formation Excavation" Muhammad Azeem Raza; Samuel Frimpong, NA, 1, 2017

"Formaldehyde photolysis, HOx production and subsequent chlorine activation in Antarctic spring" Rolf Mueller, Jens-Uwe-Grooss, Abdul Mannan Zafar, Ralph Lehmann, Atmospheric physics and chemistry (Submitted), Submitted, 2017

"Impedance analysis and conduction mechanism of Ba doped Mn1.75Ni0.7Co0.52xCu0.05O4 NTC thermistors " Muhammad Asif Rafiq, Muhammad Tayyab Khan, Qaisar Khushi Muhammad, Moaz Waqar, Furqan Ahmed , Appl. Phys. A , 123:589, 2017

"Modification of structural and electrical properties of ZnO thin films by Ni+2 ions irradiation. " M. F. Khan, Khurram Siraj, A. Sattar, H. Faiz, A. Usman, J. Raisanen., Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures., 12, (3), 689 - 695 (2017). , 2017

"Evaluation of a Micro Gas Turbine With Post-Combustion CO2 Capture for Exhaust Gas Recirculation Potential With Two Experimentally Validated Models" Somehsaraei, H. N., Ali, U., Font-Palma, C., Majoumerd, M. M., Akram, M., Pourkashanian, M., & Assadi, M. , USA, Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition. GT2017-63551, Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2017, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. June 26–30, , 2017

"15. Synthesis, Crystal Structure, DFT Modeling and Biological Activity of a Trinuclear Copper(II) Azide Polymer Containing Imidazole and Bridging Imidazolate Ligands, [Cu3(Imz-H)4(Imz)2(N3)4]n" S. Nawaz, A. Ghaffar, M. Monim-ul-Mehboob, M. N. Tahir, W. Zierkiewicz, M. A. Shaheen, M. Saleem, H. M. Javaid, S. Ahmad, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials (Springer), 2017, 27, 510-517, 2017

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