UET Signs MOU with HANGYANG University in SEOL

Mining Engineering-UET and Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hangyang University, signed an MOU on 9th February 2018 at UET Lahore proclaiming a commitment by the two universities to work together on expanding opportunities for students and faculty members studying in the field of mining engineering. Prospects in the domain of mining engineering have taken a leap forward for students and faculty of UET Lahore and Hanyang UniversitySeol with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the institutions. “The online courses available through Hangyang University will allow our students to gain focused skills that complement their engineering degree,” he explained. “This is a great opportunity for our engineering students that are interested in careers within the mining sector.” “

We are excited to collaborate with UET Lahore to investigate new learning opportunities for our students,” says Byung Wan Jo, Professor, Hangyang University. “By working together to create new and innovative pathways to education in this field, we will increase our capacity to meet the growing demand for highly skilled workers in the mining industry, a key driver of economic development in Korea and Pakistan. 

“The agreement will also help UET students to progress in research and development. The students and faculty exchange program will also reinforce the learning process at UET,” Dr. Zulfiqar Ali added. The MOU’s areas of collaboration include student and faculty exchange, developing joint research proposals, scholarships for faculty and students, establish linkage with Korean mining industry, and to help with developing smart learning environment projects at UET.

UET Lahore