Session on HDR Fourier Plane measurement system for state of the art Diffractive Optics Fabrication Processes Defects/Errors

Department of Physics University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, organized a session with Dr. Imran Afzal a fellow working as an Associate in Surface & Nanostructure metrology group, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.) He delivered the session on topic "HDR Fourier plane measurement system for state of the art diffractive optics fabrication processes defects/errors" funded by NASA. He shared very useful information about the latest research results in the field of Lasers and Optics. Many faculty members, M.Phil and PhD scholars attended the seminar and they found it very informative. In the end, Chairman Physics and Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences, Humanities and Islamic studies paid thanks to the guest on the behalf of faculty and students.

UET Lahore