Soft Skills Development Course

Department of Humanities in collaboration with Amal Academy is offering a "Soft Skills Development Course" for UET students
Starting from Friday 15th September 2017

Course Duration: 3 months, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:00-4:00 pm


Registrations are open from Monday 28th August 2017. Interested candidates may visit the Humanities department between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm to get themselves registered. 

Course Fee: 3000 PKR 


Who should attend? 

Recommended for Fourth, Third and Second year students. 


Course Overview 

The goal of this course is to prepare UET students for successful professional careers, specifically by developing them in the following three areas: 

1- Professional Skills (Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking)

2- Mindsets (Growth Mindset, Self Efficacy, Responsibility)

3- Learning Abilities (peer to peer learning, self learning)


Course Learning Outcomes 

1- Write convincing and effective job applications, resumes and cover letters

2- Communicate clearly and concisely, particularly in English during interviews and at workplace 

3- Identifying key principles of Leadership 

4- Career Planning 

5- Overcome nervousness and low confidence

6- Professional Behaviour 

7- Problem Solving Techniques and their implementation 

8- Positive Thinking

9- Learning Strategies 

10- Growth Mindset

11- Self Efficacy 

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