UET celebrated 70 th Pakistan Anniversary with Zeal & Zest.

Flag hoisting ceremony on 70 th Independence Day was held at University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. Vice Chancellor UET Lahore Prof. Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid was the Chief Guest. At the event he expressed, “Pakistan is our motherland and we should own it by performing our duties with sense of responsibility. It is matter of pride that in Muslim Ummah we are the only atomic power and have rich and diverse culture, climate and talent. It must be properly used for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan”. He further added “Freedom is great blessing, we can observe the life of slavery in different parts of world, so that’s why this Divine’s gift must be protected”. VC expressed “Youth must come forward to play their due role. This land requires dedicated, commitment and enthusiasm in the regard our youth has great potential to deliver at their level best.” The ceremony was connected with programme held in Islamabad Convention Centre. Students from Sri Lanka, Yemen, Palestine and Egypt sang special National songs and showed their solidarity with Pakistani fellows. Deans, Faculty, Registrar, Security officer and Public Relations Officer with other staff and student were present at programme. University was fully decorated with flags, lights, flowers and other display item.

UET Lahore