Seminar on” Mathematical Modeling and its Application”

A seminar on” Mathematical Modeling and its Application” arranged by department of Mathematics under the “Continuing Professional Development” (CPD) was held at University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences Humanities & Islamic Studies Prof. Dr. Shahid Rafique was the chief guest of this seminar. While addressing he said that Mathematical Modeling is process of simulating a real world situation with mathematical equations with the aim of forecasting their future behaviors. He further said mathematical modeling is an art of applying mathematics to a real life problem to understand. In this seminar Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq, Dr. Qasim Ali Chaudhry, Dr. Samia Riaz and Dr. Mustafa Habib were the resource persons. This workshop provided participants with hands on experience in the mathematical modeling of engineering problems. At this occasion post graduate students, faculty members and professionals from industry were present. At the end shield and certificates were distributed among the participants.

UET Lahore