Dr.Zulfiqar Ali
Cell: 0333-4547180
Residence: 042-99029342042-99029342
Office: 042-99029139042-99029139
Email: drzulfiqaruet@yahoo.com
Degree Name of Institution Specialization Year
PhD University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK  Hydraulic Engineering 1998
M.Sc University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Structural Engineering 1992
BSc University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Civil Engineering 1984
BSc  Government Collage Gujranwala Math, Physics 1978
FSc Government Collage Gujranwala Math, Physics 1975
1 Hydropower Structures
2 Hydropower Engineering
3 Dam Engineering
4 Dam and Resevoir Engineering
5 Hydraulic Engineering
6 Fluid Mechanics
Research Interests
1 Water resources and hydropower engineering.
2  Physical and numerical modeling of hydraulic structures, seepage and uplift studies.
4 Rehabilitation of barrages and irrigation infrastructure
3 Experimental and numerical studies on Pollution dispersion in open channel flow,  ground water modeling, application of knowledge based systems in civil engineering.
Selected Publications, Patents
Title of the Paper Authors Journal/Country Vol / Year
Punjab Barrages, Hydraulic/Structural Deficiencies and Rehabilitation Solutions.  Dr Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry Pakistan Journal of Water Resources Accepted Publication
Performance Assessment of Taunsa Barrage Subsidiary Weir for Long Term Rehabilitation Planning Dr Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry Pak. J. Engg. & Appl. Sci. Vol. 6, July 2010
Surface Flow Hydraulics of Taunsa Barrage: Before and after Rehabilitation Dr Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry Pakistan Journal Science Vol. 62, No. 2, June 2010
The Jinnah Barrage Rehabilitation Project - Propects and Concerns    Dr Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry  Dam Engineering Volume XX Issue 3 December 2009,
Hydraulic/Structural Deficiencies at the Taunsa Barrage.  Dr Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry Pakistan Journal Science Vol 61, No 3, September 2009
Physical Model Studies of Energy Dissipation Systems to Rehabilitate the Jinnah Barrage.  Dr Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry Pak. J. Engg. & Appl. Sci. Vol. 5, July 2009
Hydraulics of Jinnah Barrage; Existing Structure and Rehabilitation Alternatives Dr Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry Pak. J. Engg. & Appl. Sci. Vol. 4, Jan 2009
Energy Dissipation Problems Downstream of  Jinnah Barrage Dr Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry Pak. J. Engg. & Appl. Sci. Vol. 3, Jan 2009
A two-zone model of longitudinal dispersion in channels with idealized pools and riffles.  Zulfiqar Ali, Eric M. Valentine and David C. Swailes Pakistan Engineering Congress Proc. 68th Annual Session, Jan 2001
Implementation of participatory irrigation management in Pakistan: It’s engineering, management and financial aspects.  Ahmed Usmani, Zulfiqar Ali Pakistan Engineering Congress Proc. 68th Annual Session, Jan 2001
Hydraulic model studies for hydropower projects. (Taunsa hydropower project- A case study).  Zahid Majeed, Dr Zulfiqar Ali International Conference, Bern, Switzerland HYDRO-2000
Computational Modelling of Turbulent dispersion in open channel flow.  Young Chua Bon, Dr. D.C Swailes and Dr Zulfiqar Ali Journal Institution of Engineers, Malaysia Vol. 59, No. 1, 1998
Composite double layer bridge-grids.  M Ashraf, A Javied and Zulfiqar Ali Forth International Conference on Space Structures, University of Surrey Sept, 1993
Double layer bridge-grids in highway bridges M Ashraf, Zulfiqar Ali and A.G. Shaeen  Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Proc. of APSEC, 92,
Structural behaviour of composite double layer bridge-grids with various span/depth ratios M Ashraf, Z.A. Siddiqi and Zulfiqar Ali  Journal of Institute of Engineers, Pakistan April, 1991
Concrete materials and their efficiency in construction projects.  M.A.Chaudhry, M. Ashraf, Z.Ali and A.G. Shaheen International Conference on Concrete Engineering and Technology, University of Malaya Concert’91 
Rehabilitation and Modernization of Jinnah Barrage; Hydradraulic/Structures Structures Spacialist
Satpara dam project; Chief Engineer Design
Kurram Tangi Dam;  Hydraulic and Irrigation Structures Specialist 
Akhori dam project; Hydraulic and Irrigation Structures Specialist
Jabba Khattak Dam (Hydraulic Design Specialist)
3.0 MW Sharda Hydropower Project (Chief Designer) 
4.8 MW Battar Hydropower Project (Chief Designer)
MSc Thesis Supervised
Participatory Irrigation Management in Pakistan. Ahmad ul Haq Usmani (94-M.Sc.-Civil-31).
Simulation of Sedimentation Process at Taunsa Barrage Using HEC-6. Zahid Majeed (96-M.Sc.-Civil-35).
Design Review and Performance Evaluation of River Training Works on River Sutleg. Muhammad Adan Zia (2002-MS-Civil-HIE-24).
Hydraulic Design of Outlet Structures (A Case Study of Satpara Dam). Yasir Abbas (2003-MS-HIE-Civil-24).
Seepage and Uplift Pressure Analysis for Conveyance Canal Akhori Dam. Syed Iftikhar Ahmad (2004-MS-Civil-HIE-82).
Seepage and Uplift Studies for  Tyrolean Weirs, A Case Study of QHPP, Sabir Hussain, 2002/II-MS-HIE-C-26.
Structural design review of Satpara dam spillway. Muhammad Jawaad (2004-MS-C-S-65).
Seepage and Uplift Studies of Jinnah Barrage Under Various Rehabilitation Scenarios. Engineer Manzoor, 2004-M.Sc.- Civil-HIE-25. 
Numerical Simulation of Surge Chamber for Duber Khwar Hydropower Project. Muhammad Imran, 2005-MS-C-HYD-37.
Hydraulic Design Review (A Case Study of Satpara Dam Spillway). Abid Raza Syed (2004-MS-Civil-28)