Department of Mechanical, Mechatronics and Manufacturing Engineering (KSK Campus)


Introduction (Mechanical)
Mechanical Engineering is one the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. The new department of Mechanical Engineering at KSK campus was established in 2007. The department has procured latest laboratory equipments in order to conduct laboratory work of engineering and technology classes.

The first batch of B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering will graduate in September 2011. The department is growing and the leadership is committee to make it an excellent engineering education department. It also has a departmental Library, a faculty room, a semester / student cell and an ASME student section.

Mission statement:
To provide rigorous technical and educational training to students and equip them with skills necessary to carry on lifelong learning and growth in their professional careers. We will prepare our students to become innovative, socially responsible engineers in industry, business, research, and academia.

 Program Education Objectives:
  1. Graduates will become practicing engineers with the ability to solve application level problems related to core Mechanical Engineering and interdisciplinary fields.
  2. Graduates will be able to pursue higher education, research and professional development in engineering and other related fields.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate leadership qualities and professionalism in their chosen field of specialization
  4. Gradutes will demonstrate social and ethical responsibility in their professional careers.