Department of Mechatronics & Control Engineering



The term "mechatronics" has been used for about 35 years. It is derived from the observation of the synergy achieved through the integration of mechanical, electrical and information technologies in the design, manufacture and operation of industrial products and processes. Synergies may be in terms of performance, physical dimension, cost, power efficiency, time for development, dealing with complexity, and so on. Industrial products are becoming more and more sophisticated and complex and industry must respond to the needs of market and society with high quality products in a timely manner. Thus, mechatronics has made major impacts upon various industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, biomedical and robotics/automation.

At the same time, mechatronics has become popular at universities from the viewpoint of research as well as education. Research topics relevant to mechatronics are diverse and include actorics I sensorics, microelectromechanical systems (MEMSI, mechatronic devices/machines, control of mechatronic systems, human-machine Interface/haptics, embedded computing and software engineering as well as design/integration methodologies for mechatronic systems.


Department of Mechatronics & Control Engineering (MCE), was established in December 2005. The undergraduate and post­graduate programs being run by the department were established in 2001 and 1999 respectively. Present undergraduate enrollment is around 190 students. B.Sc degree inĀ Mechatronics and Control Engineering is accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council."

The Bachelors Programme in Mechatronics is designed to address the needs of technology-based-industries. It will provide in-depth knowledge in the fundamentals, design analysis and operation of mechatronic systems. The objective of the programme is to provide a course of study which will enable the student to work effectively.