Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering



The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Program undertakes the challenge to prepare practical engineers who respond successfully to the ever-changing demands of the global market place, integrate analytical skills of engineering and managerial  decisions  making in the concept , design and development of profitable products and efficient processes, while striving to conserve energy and protect the environment.  
The discipline of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering was introduced as a focus area in the department of mechanical engineering in 1999. However, an independent department was established in 2006 to cater the needs of highly competitive industry which demands highly motivated engineer s equipped with analytical approach and excellent managerial and communication skills.

All the previous BSc. IME Programm are accredited by PEC upto session 2008. (please visit detail)
The department offers following programs:

  • Bachelors in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Masters and PhD in:
  • Engineering  management
  • Manufacturing Engineering